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Hi! My name is Simone and I'm the girl behind this blog, Crush on Blush. I started blogging in Januari 2015 because I like sharing my thoughts and ideas on things that interest me.

Although I write in English, it's not my native language (as you may have guessed!). I'm a Dutch girl, born in Utrecht and still living in the Netherlands. Currently I'm in my final year and I hope to start an international education next year.

 As i long as I can remember I was fascinated by make-up. I love how creative you can be with it. As i grew a little older I also developed an interest in skincare. My mother used to be a skincare consultant and she taught me a lot about different skincare products and their functions. 

In everyday life, I go to school and spend my free time working as a waitress at a restaurant. I love my two cats, I love traveling, I love sushi and I love singing. Yes, those are four very different things, but they define me best!

I try to update my blog frequently, but I think it's very important that blogging remains fun for me and not feels like an obligation. Therefore I don't have a schedule when it comes to updating my blog, I just post articles whenever I have inspiration. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.




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    1. Ohh ik zie dit nu pas! Dankjewel, ik vind jou blog ook super tof aangezien je in het Engels blogt. :-)

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