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Now that the weather is slowly getting warmer, I like to prepare my body for the first day that I can finally wear a skirt and show my legs. To trick people into thinking I've already spend hours of tanning on a tropical island, I use self tanning products. When I first started self tanning, I was very afraid to become an orange. Therefore I started out using products like the Dove self tanning body lotion. Before using a self tanner that would instantly darken my skin a few shades, I searched online and found some pretty helpful tips to prevent yourself from turning into an orange. In this post I'd like to share my tips & tricks on self tanning!

1. Exfoliate the skin. This is always the first thing you have to do because it prevents uneven coloration.
2. Avoid from oil-based products, perfume and deodorant as this can affect the results. If you want to shave or wax the body part, make sure you do it 24 hours before your tan.
3. If you have a very dry skin, you can apply a light layer of moisturizer before applying the tan. Make sure to let it sink in.
4. To make sure you're not allergic to any of the ingredients, apply a little in advance to the back of your hand.

1. I like to use light tanning products, but if you want an immediate tan without having to re-apply, use gloves to prevent your hands from turning orange. Always make sure to wash your hands after tanning!
2. After applying your tan wear loose, dark clothing. Your tan won't get deeper the longer you leave it, so once it's been on for the required amount of time, you're good to go!
3. If you're not quite satisfied with the deepness of the tan, re-apply on the next days.

If you do happen to turn yourself into an orange, use a grainy exfoliant or use lemon juice to fade your tan. ;-)

They are sprays, lotions, gels and even mousses. I personally prefer the self tanning products from Clarins, for example the Self Tanning Instant Gel, or the Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint. A cheaper option are the self tanning products from Sephora. The Tinted Self Tanning Body Mist is great for hard to reach areas, such as the neck. For the face, I'd recommend the Sephora Gradual Self-Tanning Face Water. Both products are under $ 20.

What do you think about self tanning?




  1. This is really helpful! I tried self-tanner lotion once and I was streaky and weird looking!
    xo, Lauren-lee

  2. this is such a helpful post! I'm always scared of fake tan haha!


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